The Mark of Each New Day




- Rajvir Lashar, Ontario, Canada


As we approach a new tomorrow, we look back on many joyful and trivial moments throughout our day or life to date. These moments can either become our fondest memories or our most wearisome recollections. Regardless we look back at each moment and remember what we truly felt that second, minute, hour or day, nonetheless we are forced to look back with the coming of each new day. Without a doubt, no matter what our worries, the sunrise is God’s way of telling us that we have been blessed with one more day, "every sunrise is a chance to receive each day in all its glory". As we reminisce we begin to wonder how often we turn to God during the times of happiness and in the times of pain. I can say most often I turned to God in the times of need but I forgot even through the happiest events he watched my smile. I can honestly say, the happiness I felt in moments of materialistic gain was short-lived and quite brief. When we get happiness out of materialistic objects it is short lived in comparison to the happiness felt when we are connected to God through our minds and heart.


As humans we tend to forget the presence of God all around us but the God Knowledge bestowed upon us by Baba Ji continuously reminds us otherwise. It teaches us that God is in every object visible to the eye; even long after these materialistic objects have perished God is still omnipresent. The Gyan allows us to utilize one of the most important tools to be closer to God known as Simran. Young and old alike can use this tool wherever and whenever. Simran is one of the most important tools, which allows us to feel a constant state of bliss. Baba Ji has constantly reminded us time after time to adapt Simran into our lives and to make it a priority. In the times of happiness and troubles let us remember God almighty as he remembers us always. Once we remember God at all times only then will we feel a constant state of bliss through any obstacle we may approach. We can only move forward if we begin to learn from the past and on this note let us embark on each new day and remember the presence and existence of God all around us.


* * * * * * *