The Garden Where Lovers Meet by David, Australia

The Garden Where Lovers Meet

by David Dickens Frankston, Victoria, Australia

In Loving The Beloved

The marginal World of 'I' retreats

Waving the white flag of mind's pride

To follow the compass of the Soul

Which only Divine whim moves,

Past 'this way or that'

Beyond before and after

Deeper than cause and effect.

What remains unsaid is all

That God's lovers truly know

No one map can satisfy all

letting go, trusting love

is the only way to go!

The Beloved reflects our deepest intentions

More clearly than any mirror could claim

We are flower buds dreaming of opening

At the mercy of His sun and rain...

All this 'wisdom' is forgotten when

Devotion finds its place to pour.

The Master's Cup is deeper and wider

Than imagination could possibly explore.

* * *