The Freedom Within . . . by Nisha Kalwani, Singapore

The Freedom Within . . .

by Nisha Kalwani, Singapore

Looking at my cousin’s bird locked up in a cage,

I lifted the cage door beckoning it to hop out and play.

I wanted to teach the adorable little bird to fly,

However the pitiful bird just didn’t want to come out and try.

I felt all this was very strange,

Why wouldn’t anyone want to be free from a cage?

Suddenly I felt as if a voice spoke to me,

It reminded me that this wasn’t a strange scene indeed.

I too was once like a bird,

Locked up in the cage of a self-centered world.

I never felt the suffocation of being in that world,

I didn’t understand my true purpose of being human.

God, my creator, took mercy on me,

He sent my saviour, Satguru Babaji to me.

With love, Babaji helped me break free from that world,

Gyan and Karam were my real wings, he told.

As long as you keep these two in mind,

Forever you shall fly high, he said so kind.

Coming out of the cage felt as if I started life anew,

I pray oh Satguru, I never return to that cage, I never forget you.

* * *