The Essence of the Three S's by Rakesh Virdee, Yorkshire, U.K.

The Essence of the Three S's

by Rakesh Virdee, Yorkshire, U.K.

Saints Sewa, Satsang and Simiran. Why is it essential in our everyday life after receiving the divine light?

Saints there is humble song that I once heard where there was a verse that stated,

Satsang, Simiran, Sewa

Bhaga nal miltha eh

Khush hokay jai koi karay

Oh phal dha phul dha a.

Saints this verse is explaining to us that satsang, simiran and sewa is a blessing bestowed upon us by our Satguru just like the diving knowledge was blessed upon us and if we go through our lives applying this blessing then we will live a peaceful, happy and humble life.

First we have satsang, saints we need the satsang to cleanse our mind and keep it pure. After we leave the satsang to continue our everyday duties our mind starts to waver and we often get influenced by the materialistic elements around us which then makes us do wrong. This is why after receiving the divine knowledge (Gain) we need the congregation of pure saints to help us wash away all our bad thoughts. This then enables us to keep our mind pure, pious and always in contact with Nirankar.

Secondly saints we have simiran which is very important in deed. Speaking about my own experience whenever I was on my own at home or outside I would only remember Nirankar then and would do the simiran. But saints I have come to realise that we need to remember him at all times no matter where we are or what we are doing. Swas swas simro gobind, Man anther ki utheray chint.

This explains that our every breath we should remember our Lord Master and this will quash all worries and troubles we have on our minds and make us much happier in life. I am so grateful to our Satguru who has given us this prayer so I can remember him day and night and thank him for everything he has given me.

Saints sewa is very important, and more so because of being chosen by the Satguru to help saints and all mankind in every which way I can. Saints sewa has to be done by body, mind and soul so that everyone and ourselves can get full happiness and enjoyment out of it. Our Satguru is so pleased with sewa done humbly and with love from our hearts, not with sewa to show mankind that we are important because we are doing this sewa. No saints sewa done from the heart with love will always be praised "we will reap the fruits of our own seeds".

Bless me that I put these words in my everyday life only then will I be able to mould my life to the teachings of our Satguru.

* * *