The Choice is Yours by Tehmina Chaudhary


by Tehmina Chaudhary

The ones who cannot realize GOD

May never understand the true meaning of life. The ones who cannot feel HIM within their heart May never find him anywhere in the universe. The ones who look at others and see a body May never be able to see the soul within. The ones who categorize human beings May never know the ONE true POWER. The ones who take everything for granted May never know what blessings are. The ones who never recognize the blessings May never know what gratitude is. The ones who want their own ways May never know what GOD had planned for them. The ones who don't let GOD hold their hands May never know what FAITH is. The ones who don't let GOD walk besides them May never feel secure walking with hundred people. Do you want to be the one spending half the life trying to plan it Ignoring the fact that GOD has already done the job for you Or Do you want to be the ones who turn themselves over Without questions, comments, feeling, or doubts. Being smart in front of the ALMIGHTY Might get you what you want But you will miss out on great blessings that HE has planned for you. THE CHOICE IS YOURS…

* * *