Surrender the Mind by Vinayak Phadnis, India

Surrender the Mind

by Vinayak Phadnis, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Once a person was sitting at the brink and was enjoying the beautiful sea.

He saw a wooden plank floating on the sea. A big tide used to take it to the brink and suddenly another tide was carrying that into the sea. That wooden piece was totally under the control of that sea.

He was watching this game between the sea and wooden piece for a long time. And he learnt a very important thing, that our mind is like that wooden piece; when it goes under the control of the sea of materialism it gets carried away with the tides of happiness and sorrows.

A person who remains hued in the color of materialism can not get the peace of mind. He is always unsatisfied and unhappy.

But on the other side the saints who have imbibed divine knowledge know that all the worldly things are mortal and will not remain forever. And only the creator of the world, almighty Nirankar (formless God) is immortal.

The perfect saints adopt a very distinct approach while living in this world, the ocean of materialism. Like an expert surfer who rides over the tides cleverly and enjoy the game. Saints always take divine name and cross the ocean of materialism and enjoy each and every moment of life.

It is said that


That means one who has surrendered his mind to the true master will get every thing accomplished very easily.

* * *