Suffering Reaps Spirituality by Arpita Kundal, USA

Suffering Reaps Spirituality

by Arpita Kundal, USA

Life is a very uneven road full of happy and sad moments and it is very easy to delight in the days of happiness; however extremely difficult when we are going through suffering. In the world of spiritual learning the times of suffering are the "most precious times" because in true sense, God gives us an opportunity to strengthen our spirituality. A time of suffering can be simulated to a train that is parked at a station and needs to be refueled with fresh coal and supplies etc. If we welcome suffering in our life with a sense of gratitude to God and thank him for providing us this wonderful opportunity to reflect upon how much are we truly connected to the Nirankar, then we are able to look at our time from a standbyer's point of view and clearly see what this time is meant to lead unto.

Most people going through periods of suffering take it personally and are not able to learn 'detachment' from this and actually get pulled into the current of problems which takes up too much of their positive energies. If we truly believe in every act of life as an act of this powerful Nirankar then we must realize that these 'dark nights' are the ONLY times when we will be able to connect with the light and shine of Nirankar to an extent that is virtually impossible to do when we are in times of happiness. Roots of humbleness, self assessment and reflection are watered with the sun and direct warmth of God's love at this time....but, if only we can recognize it and be grateful to the Nirankar for providing us this privilege to be so closely nourished by Him and in direct contact with His priceless love.

So Saints do not let your heart or mind wander when times of tribulation pass you by but rather welcome these times for this is your golden opportunity to cultivate and reap the blessings of spirituality i.e. ONENESS WITH THIS NIRANKAR.

* * *