Story of highest creation of God: The Human Beings by Vidya Singh, USA

Story of highest creation of God: The Human Beings

by Vidya Singh, USA

Story of highest creation of God: The Human Beings As the time passes by.. I sit here and wonder What is everything, what is it that I am here for I have never truly evaluated myself But Here I am evaluating every other person I meet or hear about And at the end of the day I fall asleep thinking..

Why people are the way they are Still ignoring to look within and evaluate myself first My mind has evolved since my long gone ancestors Now this mind of mine Doesn’t let me think what I should but instead It lets me wonder off to the world and its contents My mind knows that.. If it lets me evaluate myself then.

There will never be any more evaluations of anyone or anything So there will never be any juicy gossips to listen to and spread around And there will not be any chances to point fingers and talk about others This mind is very energetic but yet day and night I just sit here and watch the energy go by I can do a lot more than just sitting But That requires me to make an effort and efforts require a lot of time I got the time but I got no interest in making efforts So I let the world go as it is Thinking and knowing so many things should be and can be changed But that would mean I might have to face difficulties and uncertainties I am not weak God has given me all the power within But that power needs prayers and constant connection with God, But I am too busy for efforts and scared of failing What I never realize is that there is never any failing in making efforts And sometimes… Actually most of the time.. When things start going wrong, this connection of mine with God breaks down Like phone connection or internet connection in bad rainy days So what do I do….??

I sit here and wonder Funny it is, isn’t it I wonder about things that I already know and contain within me The feelings of a better world, better life, and God love But I never wonder what can happen when these feelings are paired up with efforts I can talk about them and I can think about them But that is as far as I get..

Amazing isn’t it..

What I do best is look at others and observe, analyze, and make conclusion.. which by the way, has led me to destruction Because while I spend all this time on others and how they are I never get time to realize that all those things that I point my fingers at in others Are also present in me, and my actions Interesting, right..

This is the story of ALL OF US..

I once heard..

“This world is like a dream.. and wining this world is a thought..

Human beings are dreaming in the thoughts..” instead of finding out our part in everything..

We run after what we have already been given..

We must look within ourselves but beyond our existence!!! It is only then that one can truly realize God, and HIS kingdom in its entirety.

* * *