State of Human Mind by Nitasha Khanna, Canada

State of Human Mind

by Nitasha Khanna, Toronto, Canada

State of human mind can lead him to a righteous or a destructive path. How we use our mind depending on the state it is in at the moment, we get similar results. If we are in a positive state of mind, the outcome will be positive and if in a negative state of mind, the outcome will also be likewise, negative. It all starts from our thought process. Our thoughts take the form of words and our words transform into actions.

When we have no one to tell us the right from the wrong and it is left up to us to decide, decipher one from the other, we can easily fall prey to our own interpretations, judgments of what it means and that's where we go wrong. Since we fail to see the right perspective as it was intended.

When we use our mind (manmat), we get results such as unrest, violence, destruction and war. And on the contrary if we were to surrender our mind and intellect in the safe hands of Satguru and let His will (gurmat) lead us on, we will achieve amazing results such as peace, happiness, unity and welfare for one and all.

That is why the role of the Satguru is so stressed to help keep us on the right path, of enlightenment. He sheds light on the fact that there is ONE God, and no God is superior or dominant over the other. People fight and kill in the name of God, due to pure ignorance of what all the texts say, which infact is the same gyan! He guides us on how to properly understand what is written in the texts about the eternal truth and teaches us how to attain the same.

However, it is up to our state of mind on how we interpret the teachings of the true master and apply them in our daily life. Even in the interpretation of our scriptures and holy texts, we see that if two individuals read the same content, one individual may feel that the scripture is telling him to force his belief on other individuals. Whereas, the other may feel that the scripture is telling him to introduce his belief in a peaceful and loving manner.

The state of human mind also creates barriers between different religions and ideologies. It's not written in any of the scriptures that followers of one religion should crusade against another religion. Then why should a brother fight his fellow brother when they have one common father God? The fanaticism ever so prevalent in our society today is all due to the state of human mind and its predisposed biases. That is why it is important to eliminate our predisposed biases and view the world threw the eyes of our Satguru, so that humanity flourishes with love and not hate.

Our destinies ultimately lie in the hands of Nirankar, thought He has given us the freedom of action. But we cannot blame Nirankar for the outcome we get as a direct result of our own actions. It is a choice we make. Every action has its consequences and everyone is held responsible, no one can escape it. As the saying goes, "You shall reap, what you sow". It is the law of nature.

It is important to attain the state of mind that our Satguru wants us to have. We should live our lives according to His teachings of love, tolerance, compassion and service of fellow humans. When we practically do so then our body, mind and soul work in perfect harmony, which results in peace and spiritual bliss. We should only ask for His grace (rehmat) that may He bless us to live our life honestly and sincerely according to His teachings. When we do that, we will guaranteed achieve amazing results!

* * *