Sprouting Emotions and Desires




- Ashumeet, India


I have won the world.

A world where there are sprouting emotions seen I see.

I got, I was suffering the world which I call “Sorrow”.


Everything was under second control.

Emotions were seen fighting with each other.

It looked bad on others. It tried to kill other emotions.

But all are fake.

We are fake.


My emotions, desires were innocent but it meant.

My desires tore my emotions. They have been in war.

Mine were too  then involved.

It telepathyed with all others.

It started war with the outsiders.

They have been watched by the unpresenceness of relative emotions.

They fought. They won.

But all are fake.

We are fake.


They all flooded by a river called ‘reality’. Emotions were  there, desires were there but they are all fake. They were born in the real world to complete the desires of beings imagination.


The river took mine to the next day. Everything was settled.

I got rid of the hormones.

I got peace. I have peace.


* * * * * * *