Soul's Dilemma by Ashumeet, India

Soul's Dilemma

by Ashumeet, India

I am my soul

What should be my goal.

I am every being

But why, what is the reason of being the beings.

Were I inside for truth for being so true or I need truth.

I let them live the world, for this reason, do I.

I can never die; I can never lie for this I.

I transfer from beings. Do I for this reason.

I generate souls – my attribute.

Do I for this tribute.

My thoughts are gaining me.

I now have the knowledge of we.

I need a “truth space”, for thou my destinations to come with pace.

I want to live in “Nirankar”, the creator of himself and he the “Sakar”.

I want to roam in his space- my secondary goal and to meet every nourished soul.

I have found my questions and reasons.

I have got the anticipated visions.

He, I and me becomes we

and I incarnated in my world inside the mighty world to find father drop of sea.

* * *