Soul of Action by Ankur Arora, India

Soul of Action

by Ankur Arora Rewari, Haryana, India

We all are generators of these. They regulate our actions. They are THOUGHTS. They originate in our mind and ultimately get converted into actions. It is said that

"Thoughts nourish our actions."

The thoughts of a loving and balanced person urge him to spread love, cooperation and establish mutual understanding with others. The relationship of thoughts with actions can be well understood by the example of a sprinkler. It sprinkles the same content through the pipe, which it contains.

These thoughts have a significant effect on our physical health. Biological science has revealed the facts which establish the direct relationship between our course of thinking and physical health. It has been revealed that positive thoughts motivate the metabolic activities in our body. They also keep the body temperature and blood pressure normal. Science also signifies the effect of thoughts by establishing the experiments like the following: -

Take a Thermometer and record the temperature of your body. Now, start imagining that you are sitting in a hot desert with wind flowing around you. Keep the same state of mind for 2 minutes. Then again check the body temperature. You will find that it has been increased slightly.

In the early nineties, dividing thoughts of German people resulted in the partition of Germany into two parts .The Great Wall of Berlin was constructed. But later on, the friendly and constructive thoughts of the same people resulted in collapsing of the Berlin Wall and reunion of Germany. Firstly, these types of thoughts originated in their minds and then the actions were taken accordingly.

This lays emphasis on the importance of positive thoughts for constructive work in the society. It supports that balanced personality is a sum total of positive thoughts. So, each one of us should try to nourish positive thoughts in our mind. It can be done by adopting the following ideas in our daily life: -

- Read good books.

- Act as Swan and look for pearls in others.

- Shed the load of ego and become more open hearted, cooperative and loving.

- Try to make at least one person 'happy' a day.

- There is always something to be happy about.

- Almighty God is always with us in formless form and watching every action of ours.

- The value of container depends on its content.

Thus if we imbibe these noble thoughts, we can enhance our own worth and also benefit the society.

* * *