Simran? ... ... ... It's Magic by Nidhi Soni, Hayward, California, USA

Simran? ... ... ... It's Magic

by Nidhi Soni, Hayward, California, USA

The article I am writing down is neither a story nor a fiction. This is just my own experience which I want to share with you. I just wanted to let all of you know what is the power of SIMRAN.

I am married and my husband never believed in God. Somehow he started doing 'Paath', just to fulfill our parents' wish because he respects them a lot. But he never knew if he believed doing that or not.

It was a day when he has to go to the Bank to deposit his check. I was not with him that moment. After he had deposited his check, he went back to his work. While he was on his work, I just called him up to ask how its going. Though he said everything was OK, but still I could realize the deep sadness in his voice. I insisted to know what happened. Finally he told me that while he was pulling out his car from the parking, it striked with an other car which belonged to some employee who worked in the same bank. He said that he was so afraid of what will happen now that he didn't stop to let the owner know what was done by him and just escaped from there. This was really making him tense because it was an offence, actually a legal offence and banks have hidden cameras sometimes in the parking lots too which record all the outside activities. I told him to have patience and do SIMRAN.

At night when he came back, we had had meal and went to bed. He was still tense. He told me that now they will send me some mail during these 15 days about what I have done.

Just that moment I told him, "If you have faith in me then do as I tell you because I have faith in one who sustains the world, the Almighty One". Because we both were tense, restless and were weeping silently he agreed and we started doing SIMRAN. After doing SIMRAN we remembered Baba Ji and prayed, "It is your (Baba Ji's) responsibility now to take care of the matter. We are in your refuge. Forgive us And help us". I told my husband that now forget whatever happened becasuse it is Baba Ji's responsibility to take care of matter and you don't have to worry, because Baba Ji never runs from His responsibilities. Now afterwards we wont even talk about this matter."

Thereafter we, two or three days later, went to the same Bank. The same car was parked there. We finished our task and came back home. None asked us anything. During that week we went there thrice but none asked even a single question. Days passed and there was no sign of action from the owner of the car.

We were so happy that Baba Ji saved us. We didn't have to pay for damage, we didn't have to face humiliation. We thanked Baba Ji for taking care of the responsibility we gave him. It is all magic of SIMRAN. And now I tell him, "Whenever you fear something or you feel something wrong with you, do SIMRAN and it will help you get out of that". And he believes in SIMRAN.

Millions of thanks to Baba Ji.

* * *