Sewa Simran Satsang by Poonam Nirankari, India

Sewa Simran Satsang

by Poonam Nirankari, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi, India


Work done with the interest and welfare of other people, done happily without any expectation of praise or reward is sewa . Sewa by mind is superior compared to the sewa of body/wealth. Service by mind is accepting God’s will and becoming capable of serving humanity by the mind. Serving humanity mentally means: “ Broadcasting well wishes for all.”

Yet superior to the service by mind is the service by soul. Not everybody can reach that level. The three lower forms of sewa (body, wealth or mind) must aim at the sewa by soul i.e. remaining in unison with God formless at all times and providing divine touch to persons, things, behaviour and dealings in day-to-day life. It is a service of God as a devotee and service of mankind as an angel.


Holy congregation is a divine flow of divine words in which one’s soul can swim,float or dive and thus experience bliss(its nature and content) In a congregation of enlightened souls,divinity is charged and flows as waves to enter in receptive souls.It is an alive environment where the healing and nourishing of one’s spirit happens to take place.

Divine Master (Sadguru) in the formless vast ocean flows and enriches the souls with love,peace,contentment,compassion and bliss.

Saints regularly attending the sangats become capable of flowing as divine ray to the hearts and souls of other people.They become soulmates and soul companions of their fellow beings.They spread divine fragrance and divine joy all around.Life becomes God’s blessing and a boon to the society.


God remembrance with His realization, His awareness is a freshening,an activating and energizing process.It fills the heart with joy,heals the wounds inflicted by the behaviour of worldly people.

God remembrance if continous consciousness like breathing transforms a human being into a divine being with divine qualities and traits, God’s consciousness makes a noble mind(of positive thinking and right attitudes) and a pious heart(full of love and compassion) and thus the body is ever relaxed and comfortable.

All pains are based on mind. If the mind remains in unison with God physical ailments and ups and downs of life do not effect a person’s peace of mind. God’s remembrance makes otherwise difficult life---easy,smooth,swift and pleasant.ALL ACTIVITIES AND WORK FILLS THE HEART WITH IMMENSE JOY. The journey of life becomes a “divine journey” from “heart to heart” and from “soul to soul” becoming_ONE WITH THE CREATION AND THE CREATOR.

* * *