Self Realisation by Sanjay Pushpakar, India

Self Realisation

by Sanjay Pushpakar, Roorkee, India

A time was there

when I was not I,

and was a part of Thy.

Surroundings were still and sound,

Your presence was felt all around.

Then you gave me the shock,

that I have been chosen from the stock.

I asked "what is the reason behind this partiality?"

You replied" My dear son , its all probability."

A time came,

Through births and rebirths, continued the scene,

bound in the shackles of karma, I forgot my origin.

Then came a Man and waved his hands,

I looked behind , I was out of the stands.

I could see him clearly through,

He was my Satguru, He was my You.

Paining from ages, He healed my wound.

Again Your presence could be felt all around.

"Why I have been chosen?" I asked in a shivering voice.

You said "O lucky man , its my choice."

Now I am free from all greed's,

as You fulfill all my needs.

Now I am no more selfish,

before thinking my thought becomes Your wish.

A time will come,

When I shall beat the barriers of death,

and full of life will be my every breath.

When I shall surpass all Your creations,

to meet my true relations.

When You will coronate me,

and that will be the end of my rule.

And then I will not remain I,

and will become a part of Thy.

* * *