Science and Spirituality by Vikas Arora, Rewari, India

Science and Spirituality

by Vikas Arora, Rewari, India

Science and spirituality go side by side. All the inventions made by science prove the basic postulates of spirituality. There is a law called conservation of Mass which states that - Mass can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can be changed from one form to another. Also, Einstein's theory declares that the mass is convertible to energy and vice versa. So, the net content of mass or in other words, energy of the universe is constant. It can be only changed from one form to another. According to Gita, man has come on this earth empty-handed and will go empty handed. In other words, he has nothing with him when he takes birth and he doesn't take any materialistic wealth with him when he dies.

Actually, human life is just like a journey from the initial place birth to the destination 'death'. Like a railway journey from one station to another, for example, a person is going to Mumbai from Delhi. The reservation is always made. As soon as the train arrives on the platform, that person is looking for his seat. He finds the seat and sits on. During whole journey, that seat belongs to him. If someone asks him whose seat is this, he says"This is mine". As soon as the train arrives at Mumbai station, that person comes out of the train. The same train and same seat, on which he had been sitting for so many hours, does not belong to him anymore.

The same is the case with human journey of life. All through his life, man claims that this house is 'his', this family is 'his', and this piece of land is 'his'. But here lies the real illusion. The human beings spend their life collecting materialistic wealth but they do not realize is that these worldly riches do not go with them when they leave the world.

Now, what should be done? Should human beings not strive for getting physical cravings? No, these things are also necessary. Man needs food, shelter and clothes. But not only this, he needs something more than that. Something that can give him real joy and pleasure, something which can erase all his tension, something which can make his life happier. The answer is Bhakti (Devotion). Bhakti in real sense starts after God realization. So, let us take Brahma Gyan from Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and make our lives tension free and happy forever.

* * *