Satguru's Laws of Life




- Richa Singh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India


We all are familiar with Sir Issac Newton’s laws of motion. Today I have converted laws of motion into laws of life. The conversion is given below.


1. A body in motion will continue in motion and a body in rest will remain in rest until and unless an external force is not applied on it.


Conversion - We are continuing to remain in this mortal coil and our mind also moves continuously in the maze of the world. We are supposed to make our precious life futile until and unless our Satguru has not gratified us with the knowledge of self-realization and engaged us with the supreme constant power.


2. The rate of change of linear momentum of a body is directly proportional to the external force applied on a body and this change takes place always in the direction of force applied.


Conversion - If we attend the Satsang regularly, do Seva and Sumiran then the rate of change of our nature and character is directly proportional to the teachings of Satguru. He averse all the bad deeds and rectifies it in to divine, soothing and fragrant deeds. This resilience takes place only when we leave ourselves in the spate of his teachings and follow his regimen.


3. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Conversion - Our Satguru usually tells us to be a human being. He often says hat we are the children of omni-present Nirankar. So we should have the deeds, which can give bliss to somebody. If while doing the wrong things we are wondering that no body is watching no body or us can discover our inner feelings. So that is where we are making blunder. Might be some physical body is not watching us but Nirankar is staring us with thousands of eyes. When he starts blessing us, he gives us thousands of hands. But when he wants to punish us there he too has thousands of hands. So saints, we usher on our Satguru’s words because gathering thistles and expecting pickles is not possible.


* * * * * * *