Satguru by Narinder Bawa, India


by Narinder Bawa, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi, India

‘Satguru’ - the True Master, is the one who introduces to us the core values of ‘Sat’ i.e. the Truth, the True Lord Master. Or we could say that he unites us with the Lord Master and gives us the knowledge of the ‘Nirankaar’, the eternal truth. Truth here refers to God whom the world knows by different names ‘Bhagwan’, ‘Allah’, ‘Waheguru’ and so on. God who is the Creator, Provider and the Protector of this universe since evolution. Only a ‘Satguru’ can give this true knowledge and no one else.

Tradition ally, since times immemorial, ‘Satguru’ is always present in the world in some or the other physical form, although whether he wishes to reveal himself or not is entirely up to him. Whenever there is a consequential damage to the humanity or religion the ‘Satguru’ reveals himself. Only one ‘Satguru’ is present in the world at one point of time. He is one with God and can reveal God to others. This rule has been followed again and again since evolution. ‘Satguru’ does not belong to one caste or creed or religion. He is there for the whole world. His only vocation is the preaching of the eternal truth so that whole world may prosper and live in peace and harmony, so that the inhabitants of this earth are blissful.

‘Satguru’ does this by living in domesticity and does not let the seekers of this truth live like hermits. Even being all-powerful the ‘Satguru’ lives in accordance with the principles of society and nature. He does not put one in to any kind of penances or rituals. He just quenches the thirst of a knowledge seeker. He sets one free from the vicious circle of life and death by the knowledge of truth.

Once the ‘Satguru’ appears, he unites the people irrespective of colour-caste-creed or religion. He ties them with the thread of knowledge and leads them to a path of humanity. He encourages people to be more kind, loving, humane and compassionate. ‘Satguru’ does not look upon a person’s bad qualities. He encourages that we should learn from one another.

Ten-fifteen, fifty-sixty or thousands of people cannot possibly cause the ‘Satguru’ to appear. Although it is possible that he gives one of his disciples the leverage to conduct himself as the ‘Satguru’. We have the instance of Baba Buta Singh Ji that qualifies for the above mentioned. In his last moments he gave the reins of the mission to his beloved disciple Baba Avtar Singh Ji. Likewise, Baba Avtar Singh Ji gave the same responsibility to Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and he dedicated the rest of his life as his disciple. Thus, no one is born a ‘Satguru’. A ‘Satguru’ reveals his successor himself and at that time all his abilities go into his successor. ‘Satguru’ manifests himself in the physical form or the body nominated by Satguru (the outgoing one).

‘Satguru’ doesn’t have a inheritance or a legacy of his own. This is given by the ‘Satguru’ himself to his disciple, the one who is able. This able disciple could be the Satguru’s own child or any other disciple. History is witness to the fact that since evolution who so ever has been a ‘Satguru’ has first taken knowledge from his ‘Satguru’, even though this Satguru may be his own father. Then he dedicated himself at the feet of his Satguru, in the service of his ‘Satguru’. He belonged to the ‘Satguru’ with his heart and soul.

‘Satguru’ and ‘Nirankar’ are not two separate entities; in fact ‘Satguru’ is a form of the ‘Nirankar’. All the attributes of the ‘Nirankar’ are found in a living ‘Satguru’.

* * *