Road Towards Eternal Bliss by Nitasha Khanna, Canada

Road Towards Eternal Bliss

by Nitasha Khanna, Montreal, Canada

Man is the highest creation of God. God has made human in his own form. He uses a human body as a medium to save this world in the form of a Satguru. Satguru is the one who is our savior, the one who redeems us from the cycle of birth and death. He not only describes God but also gives us the realization of knowing the Almighty, Omnipresent, Eternal God! Being born as a human is the only opportunity to realize God with the grace of the true master and attain salvation (mukti).

We are souls which are part of the Super Soul from which we came, in which we are, and will remain when we leave our body. It is our real abode. Our body is just a medium through which we are able to attain the real goal of our life, i.e God realization. All beings which are born in this world will die one day. It is inevitable. That is why the emphasis is given upon the time when we are alive.

In this world, no one can escape the web of materialism. Everyone gets their share of happiness and sorrow. During happy times one does not complain. He is content when he is showered by all the bounties. But on the contrary, it is very difficult to make it through the hard times. This makes us wonder, "Why are we faced with trouble and challenges? Why do some people have to face more tough times than others. Is this to make us more stronger, tougher and become more God conscious! ?"

God has given everyone the same human body. Everyone has to live their life. The difference lies in how one chooses to live it. That is where the difference comes between a manmukh (worldly person) and a gurmukh (devotee). They both go through ups and downs in life. But the gurmukh never loses his faith in Nirankar. That is what gives him the strength to make through hard times. It all comes down to our faith in Nirankar. It is God's way of challenging our faith in Him. He is testing us in His game. We are mere players. He is the one who runs the show.

It is essential for us to apply all three, Simran, Satsang and Seva in our life. Simran serves as remembering God. Thus, realizing His presence with our every breath. Satsang means what it says, which is sat ki sangat. By going to sangat, we cleanse our souls of the materialistic impurities that we face every day, in the same way that we cleanse our bodies of dirt. Seva is a means to serve fellow humanity using our mind, body, and material wealth. Nishkam Seva(selfless service) means serving without any ulterior motives to gain recognition or status, just serving without expecting any rewards in return for the action.

When we live our lives according to the teachings of the Satguru by realizing the the presence of the Almighty God all around us. We are able to experience a state of bliss. It is possible when we are in tune with Nirankar and always seek His blessing and strength throughout our life. Thus, being able to live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment that has been bestowed to us by Nirankar, Our Creator and Sustainer!

* * *