Religion by Virender Kumar, India


by Virender Kumar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

One night, I saw a disheveled person

Running from here to there fearfully

I asked, “Dear Friend. Can I help you?”

He seemed a bit relieved and replied

“I need some place to hide.”

“Who are you and whom do you fear?”

He said twitching his eyebrows

“I am religion and this world I cannot bear.”

My eyes expanded with curiosity

He said, “I came to earth to see how Man is practicing me.”

“But seeing the reality brings in my eyes,

tears The plight of human I cannot bear.”

“I have been mistaken for rituals and prayers My truth no one understands, I fear.”

“Man has restricted himself to reading scriptures and taking holy baths While loving fellow beings is the true path.”

My eyes were becoming moist with agony and pain We humans were the only ones to be blamed.

Next morning, I took him to Nirankari satsang He came, although he seemed like a shattered person.

Religion Unites, Never Divides Reading this, his eyes got bright.

He sat expectedly in satsang Listening to every word that saints said.

With every passing minute he became more cheerful As if he had seen light at the end of the tunnel.

He met me after satsang

“I am returning to my abode by next flight No more worries I have in my mind.”

“Satguru is preaching true religion here These saints are to him, very dear.”

“These saints will protect humans from pain And mankind will be saved, once again.”

“These saints have huge responsibilities Forbearance, patience and equanimity should be their qualities.”

“I wish you all best of luck And goodbye, my dear friend.”

Saying this he went away and soon got out of sight And I went home pondering about his words in my mind.

* * *