Prayer by R.K. Kapoor, Delhi


by R.K. Kapoor, Delhi

O' my God, The omnipresent Lord,

Bless me kindness, land in my heart.

All the evils let me discard,

Thought and action be pure and smart.

Respect for elders and for all,

Love for poor, meek and small.

You are fearless make me brave,

Greed and jealousy don't make me slave.

Give me strength, but courage to bow,

Virtue of humility should make me glow.

Harmony through love let me spread,

As are beautiful flowers in a tread.

Goodness to give, fairness to nurture,

Return of which I want from nature.

It can't give more than what I sow,

Seeds of my deeds would finally grow.

Let me be strong but not brute,

Curvature of a branch bearing fruit.

Let me be kind where I am in command,

Follow the leader, when that is the demand.

Fair and justice should be my aim,

Beyond my share I should not claim.

All the creatures are your make,

Why any heart should I break.

Always to follow rules of the game,

No short-cuts for artificial fame.

Unite and rule should be the goal,

Part will be happy when happy is whole.

If this slogan is well understood,

Soon shall we have universal brotherhood.

* * *