Prayer (Simran) by Nancy Marwah, USA

Prayer (Simran)

by Nancy Marwah, USA

Prayer (Simran) is very important but there is something that comes before Prayer and that is faith. If you have faith only then will prayer work its magic.

First let me explain what prayer is?

Consider a small child who wants his mom to buy him the new Pokemon Cards. What does he do? Why does he do that? How does he do? When does he do?

Well, let's examine each question one by one.

Why does he do it?-because he wants the Pokemon cards real bad. What does he do?- He tells his mom to buy him Why does he do tell his mom?- Because he believes his mom can buy him Pokemon Cards. How does he do it?- He says "Please"

This is what is Prayer

Similarly if you want something or want something done then you tell Nirankar to help you achieve it. Why Nirankar? Because of your faith toward him. The tool you use to tell Nirankar "Please" is prayer.

Prayer not only helps you achieve what you want, but also keeps you away from negative thoughts and feelings and deeds. "Ideal mind is devils workshop"-Prayer keeps your mind occupied.

Even when the person is on the death bed in the hands of the best doctors and under best medical facilities, when thing don't work, the doctor says "its time to pray", which indirectly or subconciously implies that only mircale can save that person and mircales happen, if you pray (simran).

* * *