Practical Aspects of Moral Values by Anjana Nayyar, India

Practical Aspects of Moral Values

by Anjana Nayyar, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

“You are the painter of your life, you are given blank canvas every morning, and you have to paint it with your deeds and actions. Just spend a moment or two in a day and think that whether your each day is a work of art “ These lines are very true in the context of human beings when we are given a new morning everyday to reform the mistakes of past and prepare ourselves for the future, but what actually happens is that we repeat the mistakes and carry on them to the future. No doubt we all believe that we all have to live a value based life but when it come to ground realities, we fail to do so and in turn impose the blame on the circumstances.

We all know that for building a house, a strong foundation is needed but let us think that on what foundations, we are going to build our lives? It is very well said, “When we were learning to speak, our mom understood everything we tried to say, today we speak a lot and claim that Mom, you don’t understand me.” This is how life changes. As we grow elder, we don’t grow wise. But still we are blessed ones that we are given chances everyday to reform ourselves. That is why it is said “Every born child comes with a message that God is not yet discouraged of Man.”

Everyday and every second we see this world going in dark. People are fighting over religions and materialistic things. Today we have security alarms and security guards at our houses. They are not to protect us form any kind of animal or bird but to save us from human beings only. This race of materialism has disturbed the peace of mind. It is very ironically said “ Lord Buddha left his palace in the search of peace and today we all are in the search of palaces at the cost of peace” This is the reason that a new motto was given to the world by Lord Master himself that Peace not pieces, lets work for it .

Summary of life contains 3 descriptions, could have, might have and should have. By all means we have reach up to third description. Let our deeds indicate what we are and where do we stand? For Nirankari mission, it is said that it is the mission of spiritually awakened people. Give the world the chance to say that Nirankari mission is the mission of spiritually awakened people with the practicability in their lives. Both spiritualism and materialism have one thing in common i.e. human beings and perhaps the most important also.

Our world will not become better only with the materialistic achievements, it will become when human beings will become better. When their thoughts, actions and intentions will become better. There is need to re-engineer a dam which can irrigate the dried parts of society. The starting point is our home and this calls for self reformation. Once everyone undergoes the process of self reformation, the reformation of the world follows automatically. This all is possible when we will give the words of Satguru the practical shape in our lives. We can make this world better only when we will follow the path shown by Satguru.

Illustrating it with a small story. Once a question was asked from Lord Hanuman that among Lord Rama and Mata Sita, whom feet you consider as more beautiful? Lord Hanuman was quiet for a moment and after a thought, he replied that as per him, feet of Mata Sita were more beautiful. Everyone was surprised at this reply. When asked, the reason given by Lord Hanuman was that he considered feet of Mata Sita as more beautiful as these are the only feet which are following the footprints of Lord Rama in the true manner . So, the idea behind is only that we can be blessed only when we will follow the path shown by Lord Master.

We have the most practical example with us i.e. Lord Master. If he is asking us to love everyone, he loves everyone, if he is asking to be humble, he is humblest of all. He has shown us the destination, he has shown us the way and also taught us how to walk. We just have to follow his words. Lord Master has provided us with the divine knowledge i.e. best gift to soul. Let us all gift this humanity the true definition of a citizen, a devotee and a true human being. “Just spend a moment or two in a day and think that whether you each day is work of art”.

* * *