Power of Love by Puneet Dardi, Canada

Power of Love

by Puneet Dardi, Canada

What is more powerful. love or hate?

There is no doubt about it. so I will orchestrate

Open your eyes and look at the world around

They see a fallen person and help to put them down

Do they feel better or sleep peaceful at night?

No they stay awake.the same treatment they fright

They are the reasons we watch this aftermath of September

Thanking Nirankar as the ones we care for.first we remember

Now if they had this love we have for each other

The world would feel peaceful .a feeling like no other

Is this corrupt justice the justice to follow?

Even if victorious in war.the victory so hollow

An eye for an eye? Is that today's justice?

The children of tomorrow this justice they will witness

The path they may follow is a dark and dangerous one

The seed of hate is planted.the feeling has begun

Its cause?.the materialistic world.but the truth we forgot

When we leave this body.our possessions are left to rot

Yet there is always hope and it is the feeling of love

It is an action greater then any.its strength reaching beyond the sky's above

Love is a unique gift that can beautifully flourish a garden

What? Love versus hate? I beg your pardon

The tiny dead seed of hate has no room in a garden flourishing of love

Its like a black mark that can not stain a pure innocent dove

Now let me get to the point.the way of love is easy

The world will always judge you.why worry about things so measly?

In your mind you know the difference between right and wrong

The self-centered world will try to persuade you wrong

But to chose the path of right.and to benefit our self

God will bless us with happiness and the gift of good health

So for your sake.the sake of the world too

Make the right choices in life.its the best choice for you

Love will make a garden flourish but hatred can destroy and sin

But with Nirankar always in our minds.love will always win

* * *