Pilgrimage of Truth by Sima Pal, UK

Pilgrimage of Truth

by Sima Pal, Yorkshire, UK

A man of inner beauty so transparent for me to see and ravel in. Thoughts so emotive I was drawn to tears. With words filled with serenity my every sense captured leaving me 'senseless' and enthralled like a fly seized in a web. Unable to move or flee.

We reported to the Satsang Bhavan just a little before 11am on Saturday 29th April.

A lull hung over the Bhawan, a lull that was soon to turn into something quiet extraordinary. Young Sewa Dals were already busy making last minute alterations and preparations. Elders were busy with Langar Sewa an admiration I held in my heart for each and every one of them. All had the charisma, zeal and energy of a 20 year old in a 60 year olds body. As I walked around and tapped into energy more saints arrived. Everyone was brimming with excitement.

The lull was turning into a hum.

What was happening and why?

We laughed, we joked, we sang with joy! The day had come at last. We practiced a prayer to share with all but the excitement was too overwhelming. We laid out 'the' carpet, red as a fragrant rose.

Like the 'Rose' we were awaiting.

Like the fragrance we were awaiting.

The hum turned into a buzz.

Who were we awaiting and why?

We paced around relentlessly, not wanting to move but unable to stand still.

Looking around faces glowing, why?

"What time is it? Has anyone phoned?"

The seconds felt like hours.

The minutes felt like days.

The hours felt like years.

I felt like a giddy child wanting to race around arms stretched out screaming at the top of my voice. A car pulled up. The buzz turned into Heaven on Earth Why was he here oh why? He stepped 'down' onto flowers strewn down by eager devotees. So pure was he, so white, so loving. All were there to welcome this personage; the skies opened up too and bowed. Slowly they advanced towards the dais, greeting one and all. 'Dhan Nirankar', smiles, eye to eye soul to soul.

Before we stood J.R.D Sathyarthi Ji lovingly known as Shastri Ji. A soul whose roots were deeply embedded in all aspects of the mission. Shastri Ji holds a place in Satguru Baba Ji's heart as a true devotee, simple, humble, broad minded, conscientious and one who will always have a place for each and every one of us. This man that I joined whilst on my journey looked after me oh so well, looking out for all pilgrims we met on the way.

He stopped and waited for those fallen to take hold and catch up. For elders and youngsters they slowed their pace. He made sure they had water to drink and had food for their bellies and made sure all had beds to rest their weary bodies on when the sun set and a starry blanket enveloped all.

This man stirred so much within me, igniting an everlasting lamp. Ready to listen and ponder, how ever simple my words. And always ready to make me feel I have a place, a place in his heart. So moved me has this being to an extent I cannot describe. A true way of life he has shown to me by becoming a 'living' example of what is pure, of what is true, of what is expected. Like an impression in stone this saint has left an impression on me.

All with the blessings of Nirankar.

* * *