Out of the Shadow




- Avtar Johore, 13.11.06, United Kingdom


We have grown up coming to congregation,

Traveling together towards the same destination.

Learning many new skills along the way,

Singing songs, playing instruments,

learning how to pray.

No matter what language our words are spoken,

We have seen the truth that cannot be broken…


It's time to make a difference.


For too long we have sat and listened,

With sadness or joy our eyes glisten.

To have knowledge and not use it is a crime,

Selfless service, prayers,

congregations cleanse the mind.

Let me put into practice the things I preach,

To lead by example, to the young I beseech…


It's time to make a difference.


Using wisdom of the elders as a foundation stone,

The five pillars as strength to support our backbone.

We will carry the future generation on our shoulders,

And they in turn will help to mould us.

So don't be shy step out of the shadow,

If you don't try you will never know…


It's time to make a difference.


Let’s stand up for what we believe,

The Lord Master has given us a reprieve.

We have been blessed with Supreme Knowledge,

So let us make this solemn pledge.

No matter what happens let us not falter,

We will always bow humbly at this altar…


It's time to make a difference.


* * * * * * *