Our Priority by Rinky Narwani, Dubai, UAE

Our Priority

by Rinky Narwani, Dubai, UAE

In this world so beautiful n wide,

Everything by us is desired at our side.

We ask for diamonds, we ask for jewels,

We ask for fame, we ask for name,

All that is destructible we ask from you,

And you give it all thinking we’ll always remember you.

But in this world are we so lost,

We forget the prayer, we forget your thought.

We spend our entire lifetime in attaining the worldly pleasures,

But we forget that only attaining you is the true treasure.

You keep forgiving us each time thinking we’d realize our faults one day,

Yet we keep disappointing you and blame you if we don’t get what we wish may.

It’s high time we realize now that you are our priority,

Or else we’ll waste our life’s major opportunity.

* * *