Our Lord Master by Bunty Saaheb, India

Our Lord Master

by Bunty Saaheb, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi, India

Just a few days back received sms from my son aseem "prayer is a toll free call to god, no battery, no charging, no network problem, no sim card.

Always clear signal and endless talk time"

I read it again and again and find it true, really its so. With the blessings of you holy saints I have some duties with our Lord Master Baba Hardev Singh Ji. This sms proved practically on this tour of Baba ji to Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. In Maharashtra a place named pen visited by Baba ji for Satsang, while Satsang one sevadal saint came to me and told me to meet with one old lady, who wants to meet Baba ji, I met her. When I brought her near stage she said to Baba ji a few days back I saw you in my dreams and then I requested you to please visit pen (name of place) and the very next day I heard that Baba ji will bless pen. As soon as I heard it I have tears in my eyes and told to Baba ji bless us so that we may live our life in such a way as these saints are living they are praying with true hearts and you are reaching there to bless them. Really our Lord Master is great in all ways. We should always bow our head in front of him...

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