O My Mind by Parvinder Birdi, Canada

O My Mind by

Parvinder Birdi Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

O my mind, seek the chosen one

try to find your origin

Why don't you realize

nothing here is for permanence

You easily lose your focus

you freely entangle yourself

in the vast world of deceits

let you sit in some peace

You think about yourself as great

but from where does the greatness come?

you are only a particle of the substance great

yet you become filled with false pride

O my mind seek the freeman

free from all attachments

not involved in possessions

but who has everything for everyone

The big question still surrounds you

Who is who, where to find?

Get back to your inner self

listen to it and obey - the answer is there

If you are lazy enough to work at your own

Seek the company of blessed Blessed

with vision to visualize 'The Self'

Self meeting The Self, lightens up the darkness

You live by years crying over months and years

The happiness lies in moments

Why not try to fill every moment with life

The life that sustains the truth, the bliss

O come on, leave the shackles of darkness

the walls of ignorance and innocence

Reach beyond the senses, O senseless

Feel the bountiful, omnipresent and redeemer around.

* * *