O' Man Search by Rasheeda Begum, England

O' Man Search

by Rasheeda Begum, England

O, man Search, search in the heaven and search in the Earth.

For this search you have taken the birth.

Search in your hart and search in your mind.

Search now not a second to waste till you find.

But wait; think, what are you looking for.

Is there anything in your life that you have been waiting for.

If you searching for money;

Allah is the money of all moneys.

If you are searching for comfort,

God is the comfort of all comforts.

Don't just search for sake of searching.

Start on your destination by means of achieving.

If you're searching for knowledge,

Allah is the knowledge of all knowledge.

By chance If you looking for love, and loving,

Jesus is all love and solace.

O man what are you looking for.

Are you looking for riches?

Almighty who is the richer then all riches?

Are you looking for the beauty?

Take this beautiful knowledge of the Absolute,

Why Are you not searching for Divine self?

Ask and Know your existence from Nirankari Baba,

which is the existence of the all beauty and the beauties.

* * *