Article by Youth: Obeying the Word

Jasvinder Singh reports from Chandigarh:

Obeying the Word

Some time back, I was sitting at the last in a congregation in Chandigarh. It was announced that a driver is required. That evening, I went to Parmukh, Shri Kesho Ram Ji. I had just returned from England in those days. Shri Kesho Ram Ji asked if I was willing to do the job of a driver. When I said that work is work, he sent me to Shri Gulshan Bhatia Ji. I served with full devotion, using my body and mind.

I once again desired to go abroad. I met Shri Kesho Ram Ji at the residence of Bhatia Ji. I requested him to bless me as I had submitted the passport for going to Canada. After thinking for sometime, Shri Kesho Ram Ji said that I need not go abroad as I’ll earn more here. I took out some money and bowed to him. I told my family members that I am not going abroad. When they asked the reason, I told them that it’s the word of Baba Ji, which has come through Shri Kesho Ram Ji.

After some time, it so happened that where I used to work as a driver, I became the owner of a shop. Today, with the blessings of Nirankar my work is good. I have visited abroad so often that there is no more desire for it. All this happened by obeying the word.

* * *