Negativity by Sunny Nirala, London, UK


by Sunny Nirala, London, UK

Feelings are part of everyday human life. We all know very well of the 5 main forces that often tend to influence our negative nature: desire, anger, greed, attachment and ego. These are all natural instincts to human beings. No matter how hard we try we cannot destroy, or completely remove these, from our nature, just as energy cannot be destroyed. Energy can only be transformed from one state into another, being passed through a relentless chain.

But this doesn't mean that just because they cannot be destroyed they have to run our lives. Each of these negative emotions is a disease which is easily spread. We have all seen the mass killings in the ongoing wars of mankind. This is due to all of these evils that lie in man today, and more to the point - the fact that man has such weak resistance to them and is easily succumb to them.

To overcome the spreading of these infections we need to extend positive feelings of love, respect, compassion, and fellow feelings. No doubt we recognise these also to be the core elements in our Bhagti (or worship). They are born of our devotion to Nirankar through spiritual enlightenment, which helps us to understand that we are all related though one Almighty power.

Just like when we catch a cold we do our best not to infect others, but more importantly we try not to get ill in the first place. We increase the amount of vitamin C inside of our bodies. Likewise, people like yourselves work to prevent the spread of negativity in the world today, and act in advance by promoting love and brotherhood.

As I said, we cannot remove or destroy negative emotions in the world today, because we do not have the power to do that. However, we can act to extend and grow positivity so that these negatives forces become small and eventually insignificant both inside ourselves and the world around us.

Example: If a drop of black paint falls into a white paint tin, the paint turns grey. We can do our best to stop this happening but once the drop has fallen in there is no point complaining. We cannot even remove the drop now. However, we can of course add more and more white paint so that eventually the black drop is so insignificant that the colour is restored to the best it can be. We can be more careful next time not to leave the paint can open and exposed to such accidents. Likewise negativity cannot breed, and will only suffocate when we grow our capacity to love.

Once we increase our love for everyone, not just the people in this hall now, and not just those close to you, but to everyone only then will the world become a real home of God, because we realise that where there's love, there is God. And when the world is filled with love only then will we appreciate that God, this Almighty formless Nirankar resides in each and every one of us. Once we are aware of this there will be no space for any negativity.

The most challenging problem with negative powers is that they are so hard to control. Even though we know that they will ultimately lead us to unhappiness we are easily influenced by their short term, and often immediate, pleasurable effects. I came across a saying 'Control anger before anger controls you'. Each of the 5 diseases can bring anger into the life of a human. If situations in our daily lives are dealt with anger then nothing will come of it only hurt and more anger. Anger builds upon anger. If patience is brought into the equation then the outcome is sweeter and harmonious and will bring people closer together rather than further apart.

And that is why patience has always been considered the virtue of great saints. If there is patience in the everyday life of a human, right choices in everyday life can be made and a path away from negativity will be pursued. With such motive hopefully patience can eventually become second nature. At that point the stage is set for us to rise above desire, anger, greed, attachment and ego, and for humbleness, respect, tolerance, and equality, and broadmindedness to prevail.

* * *