Need of a True Master by Richa Singh, India

Need of a True Master

by Richa Singh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

In every aspect of life we need a master to teach us. In every field & to gain any kind of knowledge we need a master. Like by the grace of almighty god we are blessed with a master since our birth that is our precious mother. After some times when we go to school, colleges we always need a master who can end our ignorance and gives us the light of knowledge. But to gain any kind of knowledge or to learn any type of art we have to left ourselves in the hands of our master and he mould us in to perfect artist by giving necessary treatments.

So from above discussion we conclude that a master is very necessary to give us the direction in every field of life.

So can we ever ponder about the need of a master in the service of deity? Have we ever required a master to know our selves? Do we believe that a soul is immortal? No we can’t. But it is the most important deed to do. So to get the answers of these questions we need not only a master, we need a true master who can bless us from the slumber of ignorance and bestow us with divine light. From our pious epics like Ramayana & Bhagwata, relation ship between true master& disciple has a unique value. Lord Ram has taken the divine knowledge from his true master Mahrishi Vashishtha, Lord Krishna from guru Sandipani ji, Meerabai ji from Ravidas ji who was a cobbler.

Friends do we all are more intelligent then all generous saints?

I don’t think so.

A true master is away from this mortal coil, away from cast & creed, away from every religion and away from the discrimination. He is the one who link our mind with almighty& omnipresent God.

He is the one who gives us knowledge to get rid of the cycle of birth & death. That’s why saint Kabir has written - he would touch the feet of his guru besides the lord because by the knowledge given by his master, he is able to know the god. A true master is like a pious flowing river who take all our bad deeds and fragrant our soul with love, sympathy & clarity. He inculcates his devotees with the vehement feel that to always remain the religious zeal. He takes care of his disciple more than his own children. True master is like a candle that burns him to enlighten others. Once our mind is linked with God, it is bound to experience the gift-always fresh, dewy & pleasant.

So friends to sum up I just want to say that we can identify the real life only when we realize the truth perched between the life & death. Truth is not a person or object capable of being searched. It is a deep and fine feeling of ecstasy & eternity. We can achieve the goal if we inspire our psych towards immorality by regular spiritual practice. So we all must approach the true master to realize the truth. Our life becomes meaningful and relishing by consciousness of truth, which demolishes all walls and sects. Remember-

Life is just not only for eat, drink & merry, It is to devote us in service of mankind & deity.

* * *