MY Souls's Secret Lover by Ajay Bhatia, India

MY Souls's Secret Lover

by Ajay Bhatia, Nabha, Punjab, India

I have a deep dear secret, I know others won’t understand.

That my soul’s not in love, with any woman or mortal man.

I’ve always kept this secret, never wanting others to see.

That my first love is to GOD, who first created me.

My first and secret love, the joy to see His face.

All my other loves, just have to take second place.

Many will say that my focus, should be on spouse and the kids.

But my soul is secretly focused, on my lover for what He did.

Showered me with His love, overcoming me like a flood.

Then He topped it off, by covering me in His blood.

You just have to tell your wives, or hope your husbands understand.

There’s a secret spot in your heart, can’t be filled by woman or man.

And although I love the children, and all the grandchildren too.

My first love is to GOD, who made my soul anew.

We can all mingle together, find comfort in each other.

But it just can’t closely compare, when I’m alone but with my lover.

You see it’s a personal secret, ’ve traveled a wonderful trip.

I’ve come to know my GOD, we developed a relationship.

I know I’ll always love Him, a sacred eternal bond.

A deep and perfect love, lasting eternal and yet beyond.

And although I love my family, and everyone dear to my heart.

My passion is for GOD, who gave me a brand new start.

It’s really a deep spiritual thing, that many will never understand.

Its roots are deeply seated, when creation first began.

If you feel the same as I do, then I know you’ll understand.

That my secret love for GOD, is part of His Holy plan.

So now you know my secret, it’s open for all to see.

That my first love is to GOD, who first created me.

* * *