My Childhood




- Ashumeet, India


Who was I when I was a child.

How was my childhood.


 I was I but I have changed.

My world has changed.

My world loved me then.

My environment dominated me.

I knew only fun then love and ‘tends to gaining bur’.


I followed the path that everybody uses.

I went to become the part of civilization.


 I crossed several worlds.


Childhood is my past, a past which is within me hidden somewhere.


My loved beings fed my childhood.


The days, then years I engulfed to cross my childhood.

I depreciated myself.


My desires became necessities.


I grew, grew and growing.

Crossing every nugget of phase that this moving earth builds for me.


 My childhood was the phase that this moving earth had.

I worship earth to keep the phase of mine in her lap and always remind me to remember

my past. It has all my loved beings.


* * * * * * *