My Best Friend by Sudhir Kundi, UK

My Best Friend

by Sudhir Kundi, London, UK

Saints I have a best friend,

A friend I never knew...

About him, I still know nothing,

He knows all that I've been through.

When I didn't pay him attention

He still remembered me.

Sometimes to him I was not nice,

But my friend he did not flee.

I've always taken from my friend,

I make promises I do not keep,

I've lied and always got my way...

He watches over me while I sleep.

Whenever things don't go my way

It's him I always blame,

Despite the way, I treat my friend

His love for me is the same.

My best friend is always there for me...

But I'm not there for him,

Everything I need he gives to me,

He listens to my every whim.

He's so powerful he could take my life

Knowing this, dear saints, I sin,

He knows my thoughts before I think of them

And still he lets me win.

If I was him I'd have gone away,

Never to have returned...

Would you want to be my friend?

I have a friendship I never earned!

He's kind, loving, forgiving,

He blesses me all the while...

There's nothing about him not to love,

His grace, his eyes, his smile.

I don't want to lose him, saints

I think I am getting wise,

If he's with me I've got everything,

It took so long to realise.

Forgive me please for all my mistakes,

My Best friend my Satguru,

I want to now do something for him...

The friend I never knew.

* * *