Motherly Affection of God by Sandip Agarwal, India

Motherly Affection of God

by Sandip Agarwal, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

At times children try eating up them-self trying to eat a piece of cake using a fork but after trying several times when they don't succeed his mother puts her helping hand and the child succeeds. He feels happy that he has done it neglecting the fact that it was not him but his mother who did it. Always God also helps us out but we are ignorant of his silence and take pride on ourselves.

At a second instance a child tries wearing his clothes himself and his mother keep standing at the door, smiling and smirking at his futile efforts. When the child gives up and turns toward his mother, she rushes and do it out for him. God too waits and keeps watching till we feel ourselves to be competent enough to do it, but when we give up and turn to him he blesses us with his way of doing it.

Another instance as such when a child tries reaching a thing such as poison (insecticide) or a burning lamp (fire), is ignorant of the fact that it can harm him, bring him troubles but his mother is wise enough to acknowledge what is harmful and what is fruitful to her child. She sets that aside, not giving ears to all frowns and cries of her beloved child. In the similar fashion Lord knows what we need and that what could cause us harm. We are ignorant of this. Inspite of how much we pray and plead He set those aside.

Such motherly is the affection of Nirankar (God). Whether our will gets sanctified or not at every moment we are being blessed by Lord Master's benevolence and grace.

* * *