Making of the Idol by Ekant Pahuja, India

Making of the Idol

by Ekant Pahuja, Chittranjan Park, Delhi, India

I know a man who looks like a human being, my family used to listen to what he said and I was also part of those procedures. I was present in most of the congregations and I used to think that I am a Nirankari.

I was a religious person, so to say, as I was attending the congregations, doing seva and many other things which are considered good to the outside world.

But something was happening unconsciously inside, the words which were going inside during this period were somewhere getting stored. Like some one is storing sand day after day in a container. But someday somebody has to create an idol out of that sand, to give beauty and sense to the sand being accumulated. Similarly the words were lying and were being stored. Then somehow without any effort of mine and with the blessings of the same Man (which now I can say) those words started modulating thoughts and transforming into actions and created a beautiful Idol.

And to my surprise the result was that I was no more a Nirankari only. I was a sikh, a muslim, a Christian, a Jain and I was every other religion on this earth which taught love peace and prosperity.

I was no more worried about profits and gains over material things and life after death stories. But my actions and my words towards the every person I meet. And most importantly over my thoughts that makes the difference, if anything at all can make any difference, its THOUGHTS.

This person, a sikh, wearing white stole and white kurta pajama. Was the only one laughing in a congregation of all major religious leaders. I wonder what love somebody can teach to others if he can not smile to other Human being.

This man, has broken all the shackles of religion, faith, love and gone beyond any other partition to reach every soul which exist on this earth.

I pray to this almighty that these words keep pouring in and keep adding to the beauty of the idol he has created in the heart.

* * *