Love, To Be Loved by Suchie Toor, Canada

Love, To Be Loved

by Suchie Toor, Toronto, Canada

It is known that many people on earth have done something wrong, bad or hurtful. I feel that these people probably have remarked about some one's caste, color, creed, race, or faith. It is shown that this is one of the sole causes why there is this greed, hatred, destruction and violence on this planet. These inhabitants, these people, these human beings should realize they are all creations of almighty.

One has to feel apart of the whole family and be thoughtful, loving and affectionate, to be more worthy of living peaceful and happy. This individual would have to be devoted to the mission, serve others selflessly and be kind and considerate to other human beings.

After this is understood and followed by people, I feel that the person would be self enlightened and more complete as a human being. Also once this is done this would promote peace and harmony on earth.

* * *