Love is God and God is Love by Katoch

Love is God and God is Love

by Katoch

Love, a four-letter word. What is it? Is it the love between a man and a woman, between siblings? What about between friends? Yes, it's love. Then what about love towards materialistic objects? One person loves his car. Another person loves her dolls. And yet another one loves books, coffee, animals, trucks, etc., etc. You get the point: you love many things and you tell others about them.

But the most important love...Can you guess it? No one likes to talk about it. It makes us uncomfortable.: GOD!

Know that one quote: "Love is God and God is Love." That's what I'm talking about. And I'm not talking about conditional love. I'm talking about 'unconditional' love. Many of us have problems with it. I know I do. We can't seem to grasp the idea of it . How can one love unconditional, without boundaries or borders, without thought of what the person has done or who the person is? But one does! And He is forever pursuing us, telling us, "I love you, my child. Open yourself to love."

A.k.a: Love equals God.

Everyone is searching for something. The soul isn't content until it has what it's searching for, until it's reunited to its source and that source is God. And that's where Love resides. Only if we open ourselves to Love, we cannot change for the greater good.


This is what Baba ji has been trying to teach us because from only love, all things good come into being.

* * *