Love Is




- Vinod Kumar, Dubai


Hazoor Babaji teaches us that we should propagate love…….. But do we fully understand what that love is?


Love has become a four letter word that has been used and misused in many languages.  In one instance, love has signified unconditional sacrifice, in another it has been translated into selfish and earthly actions.  While love has driven one to forsake millions, it has also compelled another to take someone’s life.  What is real love?


We experience love at the early stages of our lives.  We associate it with our feelings for our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends, and later on our spouses, our children.  We establish and develop relationships with this circle around us.  Sometimes these relationships are strong and sometimes they are weak.  Some moments are good and some moments are bad.  Sometimes there is love and sometimes there is hate.


This is our life.  A life full of complex love and hate relationships. But there is no escape.  Since we live in a society, we are bound by a complex norm of relationships that we have to abide by. 


But why should there be so much tension in love?  Why should love turn into hate?  They say true love is eternal.  True love is complete surrender.


When the Mission advises us to surrender ourselves completely to Hazoor Satguru, we dutifully acknowledge it.  We recognize that the materialistic world around us is only transient and acquiring it is not our main goal.  We should not be disturbed if we should lose any part of it.


What about people?  Are we willing to surrender our loved ones also?  Are we to feel no remorse if we were to lose any one of them?  If we were to do so, people would say that we are heartless.


What then is love?  Do we love with our hearts or our minds?  True love, from the heart, is timeless, it is real.  The only reality is now, the present.  Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not come.


When we love with our minds there is always comparison of the present with the past or the future.  The loss of a past which does not exist anymore, or the fear of a future that is only imaginary.  The mind creates the sadness for a loss that is not there and the fear of losing something that has not happened.   


The tragedy is that we love with our minds and not our hearts.


The love that Hazoor Baba Ji is advocating is beyond such social comparisons of one’s background, status, nationality, caste, etcetra.  It emanates truly from the heart, with full acceptance of another human being without strings attached.  A love that is nameless, timeless, without relationship.  A love that is not calculative.  A love that emanates from the heart and not the mind.


Let us shut our minds and open our hearts.


* * * * * * *