Love Everyone by Arvind More, India

Love Everyone

by Arvind More, Thane, Maharashtra, India

The path of love is true,

Called to love is me and you

Love's discovery,

Of not only esteem but also dignity

Nirankari Baba is love's teacher,

And we are called to be his follower

In love you will find strength immense,

And it's in love only you will find elegance

One who has love found,

Is fortunate profound

Nirankari Baba, in this century,

Teaches us loves mastery!

Love makes life stable

Love makes life patient and tolerable

One who showers love on everyone

Is undoubtedly the bravest one

Just as a rose is to a garden

So will your life with love blossom

To Arvind, your follower

You will always be a special master

Under your holy feet

My petition and keep beneath

You are the only who can teach us to love.

* * *