Life vs Swimming by Ekant Pahuja, USA

Life vs Swimming

by Ekant Pahuja, Westminster, Colorado, USA

There is a great similarity between how to live life and how to swim. There is a true master needed to learn the way to lead one's life and teacher needed to learn how to swim.

The first leason told by the teacher is to leave your body inside water without any effort similarly the master teaches us to rest your life in the GOD's hands without thinking that YOU are the doer. Which is also called Sacrifice.

Then the teacher tells you that it's not enough to just give away your body to water, some effort in the form of paddling your legs and hands is also required to keep afloat. Similarly the true master tells you that don't just sacrifice your belongings but also make your efforts in the form of Simran (God's remembrance), Seva and Satsang to keep your thoughts above the worldly matters.

The third lesson the teacher teaches is that after you have presented your body to the water and also done your efforts but still after a while you will lose your breath and start to panic, which will result in loss of faith in water's buoyant force. In the same way the TRUE teacher tells you that your faith in GOD should be intact, which will help you overcome the difficulties during this worldly stay.

So I seek the blessings of the saints and my true master to keep me afloat in this world of material attractions and to lead a sacrificed life with Sewa, Simran and Satsang such that my faith keep getting bolder.

* * *