Life by Nitasha Khanna, Canada


by Nitasha Khanna, Canada

Have you ever thought how experiences in your life affect you in such a manner that they can change you completely? Well, that's what happened in my life. They make you think what life is all about! What is important and what is not so important... Life reminds you of the good times that you had in your life and makes you wonder about the times to come. Many a times events happen in your life that are good and at other times not so good. In the good times no one ever complains but in the tough times no one can remember how to smile.

All this shows some light on "LIFE", and what it's all about. Do you ever ask yourself," Why did this happen to me or, why is this happening to me?" Life is like a mystery waiting to be unfolded. Every day is a new day, a new beginning. Life is about change, change is inevitable. But why then does man have so much trouble in accepting whatever life brings his way?!? Your surrounding is always the same, but one day you find everything is good, because you are happy from within, and there are other days when everything seems horrible, only because you are sad from within.

Life is what you make it. It is your attitude which makes you see things the way you see them. And it is the experiences that you have that built your personality. It is your personality that makes you act in a certain manner to certain situations. All actions have consequences. Every thing that you do in present will pay in the future. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is clear and sometimes it is a mystery. Life can be a gift of God or can be a punishment too. This brings you to the question," Who is the controller of your life? "Why do certain events occur which are not your doing? No one has an answer for this.

Have you ever thought why man finds solace in his past. There is a constant fear of what is still to come. In this competitive world that we live in today, there is a race to come up at the top. Only the smart survive and get to rule on the rest. There is constant competition among peers and the rest of the world in large. There comes a time when you feel, that all that life is, is a "struggle". You feel as if you have to keep pushing yourself to meet the ever growing standards. You have to keep fighting to find a name for yourself in society.

But once you attain God realization you are able to live in this world happily, accepting whatever comes your way, whether be it good or bad. You know that this life and this world that we live in is no more than a dream. It will finish one day when we breathe out our last breath. Therefore the emphasis is given to the time that you have, when you are alive in the form of a human body. All these materialistic attains or accomplishments hold less meaning in front of this eternal truth, Nirankar- the formless almighty God. That is the actual goal of our life, which we so often seems to forget in the midst of our daily life.

It is hard to strike a balance between the materialistic world and the spiritual world. If one is made aware of the fact that everything that happens is His will, and we are able to accept it as it is. Then we will be able to take everything in our stride, since we have surrendered ourselves totally to him. Our role is only to live life honestly and humbly as true humans. We are only able to recognize this truth by His apar kirpa (grace). Thus being able to live life as true saints!

* * *