Life by Gurdip Roopra, Birmingham, England


by Gurdip Roopra, Birmingham, England

One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was hungry.

There Can Neva B Enuff Darkness In Da Whole World 2 Estinguish Da Light Of 1 Candle..

There can Neva B Enuff Doubt In Da Whole World 2 Overcome True Faith Of 1 Heart..

If Luv was light we'd b livin in darkness

If hate was dark a candle would stay sparkless

If peace was water, we'd b living in flames

If the world was chess, war'd be winnin the games

If a rainbow was human, we'd have only one colour

If a flower was racist, gardens would b so much duller

If a tear was a minute, we'd be living in eternity

If hurting was a job, we'd all be workin that faternity

If a eye was a tree, it would shed so many leaves

If air was money, we'd b thankful for what we received

If ignorance was a country, it would cover the earth

If money was mud, what would it be worth?

If ur soul is a student den it needs its teacher

If we're gods creation, then so is every creature

If evil is trash, then why are we living in pollution?

If life is a equation, then god is your solution

there not enuff darkness to extinguish your light

live life like a star, keep lightin up da night

reflect the light from the sun and glow

realise god and you can let the whole world know..

* * *