Letter to A Human Being by Dr. Misha, Haryana

Letter to A Human Being


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The Lost World.

Subject: Aim of life


So by God’s grace you are born; this is to welcome you to earth – one of Lord’s beautiful creations.

Hey! I have written to you because I have something very important to tell you. I want to tell you about the most wonderful moment in my life. This is the time when I was blessed by Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj – the True Master of the day, who unveiled unto me and many others, the face of truth and imparted God realisation.

I was imparted God realization through another realized human being. I could see with my own eyes the face of truth, something I could not have ever imagined also on my own – and that experience took just seconds. It was like my real birthday and from that very moment till now, I see this formless God standing nearest to me. I was told that I was blessed by His Holiness Satguru Baba Ji.

I was told that Satguru is the teacher who reveals you the truth – introduces you to your source – the ultimate reality. Soon that auspicious time came when I had the opportunity to bow in the holy feet of Babaji. That glimpse was so satisfying that I had tears in my eyes; I began to realize that He is the one – the God in form, giving the message of truth to the lost mankind, blessing the masses, making them happy.

It was such a wonderful experience; my mind acquired a state of contentment, peace and joy. I was set free of all worries and I wished that I spend this entire life in His holy feet “may He bless all with His divine glimpse and rejuvenating smile. He does not see your good or bad, only sees submission and redeems.

It is not that somebody tells you that He is God and you blindly follow; but in reality it is Godly experience from within which satisfies your soul and compels you to believe – that what is true.

Before attaining God knowledge I had so many questions in mind and all seem to have been answered now. I never had to qualify for this, but it was only by the grace of the Satguru, His blessings and an urge to know about my source.

Perplexed!! No its not unrealistic or hysterical. Actually the Lord Master Himself is the Nirankar/ God/ Formless in form blessing the masses; what to say about Him – any number of tongues singing His praises would fall short.

If we go back to history, there have been religious teachers, prophets in all ages. There message has been the same ever, with little changes if at all based on the development of humanity. Still the essence is the same. I believe with conviction that Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj is the prophet of the present time, redeeming the humanity.

This marvelous gift He has given us, is to be treasured and used as you tread your life through. Life is full of bounties and happiness in His lotus feet. In your sorrows also He is always standing by your side, closest to you; you don’t even know how the sorrows pass by without affecting you or even touching you.

He is my teacher, who teaches me the way of life, forgives my mistakes, accepts me the way I am and helps me to improve. He has expanded my vision. He wants to see us all brethren together imbibing the qualities of love for all, humility and compassion.

And these are the real human values which man has forgotten today.

Time never stops but keeps on moving as if never looking back. In this one human life span which we know of - “what should be the aim of life?” The aim of life should be to know God - our source – the boundless, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent one – who is not affected by fire, water, air or weapons; one who is not affected or ruled by time, instead He rules the time and all ages; the creator of all living and non living; that entity which can be moving and constant at the same time. Wouldn’t it be an amazing experience to know/ see such an entity. Once you see – you know, once you know – you believe.

O’ man don’t loose this opportunity. Nirankari Baba Lord Hardev is here, enlightening the masses, showing us the truth, teaching us the way of life, imparting that knowledge which answers all logics yet is beyond any logic – “The Superpower”. All we need is to submit and knock thy door.

Yours humbly,

A realized Human Being.

Dr. Misha, Panchkula