Know God for Peace Within and Calm Outside by Vikesh Khinda, UK

Know God for Peace Within and Calm Outside

by Vikesh Khinda, Bedford, UK

Today, Man is constantly at war with man due to ego, pride and material passion. Everyday we hear of violence going on around the world due to man’s greed. We often hear man using the words "I, My, Mine", because he is forever claiming things to belong to him. However, even when individuals, groups or countries claim to be in a peaceful state, one can say that they still have not gained total peace and bliss. Yes, there may be external peace achieved but not everlasting internal peace. Total peace of mind can only be achieved by knowing who and where the creator is. This can only be done after gaining the knowledge of God (GIAN).

Man sets many goals for himself to achieve during his lifetime. For example, he wants to be rich, have a respected job or to be better than those around him in every way possible. The main goal in life should, however, be to receive this knowledge of God, then use it in daily life.

After receiving God Knowledge man realizes that every thing he once believed to be his own is really a gift from God and can be taken away at any moment of time. He also realizes that all these material belongings are mere illusion and that one should not become too attracted to them as this would lead one to forget God and never having internal peace.

There is a short story. Once a child went to the fair ground with his father. The child was so overwhelmed by the various attractions of the fair - bright lights, loud music, sweets and toys that he let go off his father’s hand. He then later realized that he was no longer in his father’s protection but was now standing alone at the fair. All the bright lights, amusements and rides which once attracted the young child, now started to make him cry and scared. Similarly, today man is becoming too attracted to everything that surrounds him. He allows these material matters make him let go off the Lord Master’s Hand. Thinking he no longer need’s God to direct through life. Only when man has the knowledge of God will he find that he not changed by the outside world but he in fact changes the world around him.

Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj once said in his discourses (Vichar) that we are living in a world of guided missiles by misguided men. Baba Ji lives his life as an example of how we should all live our life. If we use this God Knowledge and Baba Ji’s teachings in our life, there will no longer be hatred between humans, man will no longer be egoistic, we would see all humans as equals and treat our neighbors as we would treat our brothers and sisters.

In my eyes this is the only way that true universal brotherhood, world peace and unity can be achieved and this dream can be turned into reality.

* * *