I see Nirankar by Daniel Slebodnik, USA

I see Nirankar

by Daniel Slebodnik, Washington D.C., USA

Within the earth and trees

And in all the birds and bees

All the animals and fish

It is like a granted wish

I see Nirankar

I feel the presence of Nirankar

In every bone, sinew and fiber

As blood coursing through my veins

Washing away every sinful stain

I feel Nirankar

His presence ever so uplifting

Joy and happiness ever fulfilling

Now I am swimming in the Lord

As though submerged in holy water

Fully realizing He is my Heavenly Father

I know Nirankar

Riding high as never before

I truely know what is in store

Shed my ugly ego and pride

And I will make great spiritual stride

I am one with Nirankar.

* * *