Invisibility by Ashumeet, India


by Ashumeet, India

O my friend, you invisible invisibility.

Now the time has come to increase your regularity.

You live my and other s world.

You are opaque, but we see nature on your other side.

You are my imagination,

But you are a true illustration.

You in some places are filled with your visibility.

I look you, you look me.

A wisdom to me by He.

You travel from ones eyes to other.

But there are only few who care you brother.

I always feel you.

But you never revealed your gain able view.

You clash with your various destinations and become one,

enabling my invention.

Whenever I hate my world.

I look into you.

You show your hue.

And you become you.

I salute your presence.

For you letting people to discover the life s true essence.

* * *