Importance of Sangat by Priya Chauhan

Importance of Sangat

by Priya Chauhan

Of Course Sangat Is Important, Do We come To Sangat To Please Ourselves Or Someone Else?

A Young Student Talks About Her Experiences And Its Benefits.

A true saint would come to sangat to please themselves, it is extremely important for all enlightened souls to keep attending Sangat. When something such as doing Seva, Simran and Sangat, you can not just do it a couple of times and be happy for the rest of your lives. You really have to stick to it. As our bodies need food to stay healthy, likewise our souls also get hungry, and by attending sangat we nourish our souls. If we stop attending sangats, our souls suffer and this shows in the actions we choose to take ie , taking the wrong path. But when we hear of great Mahapursh saying to do Seva, Simran and attend Satsang this is so easy said, but when put into practice it is very hard. Baba Ji has said this time and time again, that when we do Seva, Simran and Satsang, we should never expect a big reward or do it in hatred. We should only do it from the deepest of our hearts.

This is where Baba Ji rewards us, he rewards us with spiritual bliss. We have heard so many examples in the history of great saints of their faith in God, such as Prehlaad. His own father wanted him to die. The king, his father, did everything in his power to disturb him of his Simran but Prehlaad had so much faith in Nirankar that nothing at all could harm him. An unenlightened soul would go to Sangat for someone else, say like their parents. It would be like a chore when I was younger. This was the case, every Sunday I would have to pull my self out of bed and go to Sangat. If I did not get up I would get told off. But since then I have change. I actually see a big point in coming to Sangat, without it I do not know where I would be. By attending Sangat I know now where Nirankar is. He is right beside me every second of the day. I can also communicate with Nirankar. He does not physically talk to me and give all the answers to my problems, but he is always listening and guides me to the right path.

When we pray we should not ask for a nice car or a high bank balance or those new Nike trainers, as we already know these all materialistic pleasures. When we leave from this body we are not going to take anything with us except our souls. It is up to us to make our souls the best we can make them worthy of the super Soul. It all depends on us and how much Faith we have in us to rise above the materialistic wealth . Our goal should not be to get a car by the end of the year or something along that lines but something such as being in control of our mind, preventing our mind to think badly. Baba Ji once said "that the mind is always telling the soul to do bad things, It is up to us to listen to our hearts". As a father teaches his child to do good things and the ways of life for the child best interest. That is exactly what Baba Ji is doing, he is our father and answers all our problems, all we need to do is have faith in him and everything will come out just fine, When bad things happen, people tend to give up on God, and start saying there is no such thing etc., but we obviously know that God is true, but people are so ignorant to face the truth of it, and that it happened for the best. No father would make its child suffer for no apparent reason. Everything is done for the best.

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